Volunteer Information

We are looking for volunteers of every kind. There is a job for everyone, from hospitality and administration to childcare and food service. Please click here to read more about volunteering and sign up.


Inspire People

We need people who have a desire to meet real needs in their community. One of the best ways you can help is to promote Compassion SW to your neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family, and encourage them to get involved in a way that suits their passions and abilities.

Implore Professionals

This event would be nothing without the commitment of a variety of professionals: medical, dental, optical, and others. We need people to mobilize trained professionals to partner with us in service to our SW Portland community. This includes taking information to medical offices in the area and letting our own doctors and dentists know about this event.

Invite Guests

We need to spread the word so those in need within our community know about the event. This is a wonderful way to deepen relationships with the underserved in our community. We all can invite our neighbors and friends who could use some help in these areas.

Invest Financially

The more we can raise, the more services we can provide, and we are dependent on our partners for this financial support. If you are a church, business, medical professional, or just a concerned member of the community, please consider partnering with us financially.